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The inspiration for The Lossen came whilst writer, producer and director Colin Skevington was researching a documentary about the differences in attitudes towards death in the East and West. 

The dramatic opening scene of the The Lossen came in a daydream that Colin experienced.  He saw the imposing figure of the Grim Reaper, scythe in hand, walking down the path of an impressive, old country house. This gave Colin the perfect opportunity to write a script that would begin a journey to turn our view of death on its head and show us a possibility of what could be, but in an entertaining and gripping way. 

The story brings together the natural and supernatural worlds, embodied in the characters of the ever-present Sylvia and the mysterious Lossen, an attractive, confident, yet other worldly man. 


As the story unfolds there is a complication with Sylvia’s passing, she has not fulfilled her dream, despite living a life of material success. Sylvia has deeply buried and suppressed the one thing her heart desired; a revelation that may hit home to many of us.  The film begs the question, whose life are we living and is it really too late to live our dreams?


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